getting into the spirit

With the christmas markets already open and cookie baking just a weekend or two away we’re getting excited about christmas around here.

I love getting to the main station after work and smell roasted almonds and other goodies. We’ve been doing some minimal decorating around here (which the cats took down again during the night naturally). Since I gave pretty much all our old decorations away during the pre- and post-moving decluttering frenzy we’re keeping it simple. A couple of twinkly lights, clove-covered oranges and lots of beeswax candles.

Somehow before christmas it all gets a bit rushed, scheduling christmas market trips and dinners with friends and family and several last minute photoshoots. Add that I’m working on an idea for 2012 which I’m super excited about but can’t really say more on right now. I’m spending every free minute (not many unfortunately) on research and planning and I hope to be able to let you all know more some time next year 🙂

Until then I’ll try to get some nice christmas market shots for you all in December, so I don’t have to make do with house cat and barn cat photos for all posts until christmas.
Oh, and I know you’re all waiting for pictures of our new apartment and they’re coming, promise! We’re waiting for some rugs we ordered and need to find and make a couple of things before the rooms are all “done” and I can show them off 🙂


4 thoughts on “getting into the spirit

  1. Sherrie

    The kitties and lights are so sweet – and I loooove your simple holiday decorations. I also can’t wait to hear about your project for 2012! New things on the horizon are exciting!


  2. Neus

    These photos are great!! I always want this Xmas lights but my boyfriend says that this is too much for our house! I can’t wait to see your new apartment photos!! Have a nice weekend!



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