my point of view

After spending every waking hour for the last five days on our new couch I’ve decided I still like it a lot but wouldn’t mind actually setting foot out of the door again.
The cats have been splendid company though, not leaving my side for a minute and even following me around the apartment on the rare occasions I actually got up (which I didn’t have to do very often, because my awesome boyfriend brought me medicine and tea and broth right up on a tray).

They love it when we’re home during the day, but they’re not usually so clingy so I think they must have sensed how awful and cold I’ve felt.
Today’s a lot better already and after a three-hour nap I even felt well enough to pick up the camera, to share a few shots of our new place.

Two rugs we ordered from a small weaving company in Austria got delivered last week and we (both humans and felines) totally love them. This is their website (german language only), they sell made-to-order woven sheep-wool and cotton rugs.

I can’t say how much I’m looking forward to eating something other than broth tonight. I already treated myself to chocolate this afternoon. Isn’t my life riveting 🙂

Seeing me up and taking pictures the cats seem to have decided I’m well enough to be let out of their sight for a while. This is them playing a favourite game, “chase the sunny spots in the room”.

Don’t be fooled though, about two minutes after this was taken, one of them started scratching that lamp and the sideboard very slowly and deliberately, while looking straight at me, saying as plainly as could be “You’re up and better, I am going to keep scratching your precious new furniture until we all head to the kitchen and you give me some food”.
Cats are the best.


7 thoughts on “my point of view

  1. Lynda

    Sure glad you’re feeling better. Nice to see a turntable! Not seen one for years. I got rid of all of my records years ago along with my turntable. Keep getting better so we can see more of this new home.


  2. tidytipsy

    Thank you all! We’re loving our new space too, it’s really turning out similar to what I’ve been planning 🙂 But it’s a work in progress, I guess every home is 🙂
    @ Lynda, I love my turntables, it’s a 1980’s model that belonged to my dad. I’ve got some old records of my parents and buy new (old) ones on flea markets and in thrift stores all the time. I just love the rich, scratchy sound of records so much.



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