Already the really dark days of winter are behind us and soon it will be light again going into work in the morning. It’s amazing how important that is, even this blue instead of pitch black is making a difference.

It’s been raining almost non-stop for days, so hardly any photos taken.
Family-wise we’re doing better, breathing lighter and trying to be patient, because it will be a long time before things will really and truly be well again. We’re ok with that.

I went to my first yoga class yesterday and loved it. I’m already looking forward to next week.
One step at a time and yet (and even though I often feel I don’t have much to share here) it feels good to be moving forward.


3 thoughts on “lighter

  1. Neus

    I must say to you a big: thank you today!! Your morning comment has been very helpful for me!
    I guess I sound quite repetitive with the sewing thing… and as my yoga teacher says: don’t try to keep a thought all the time, let it go… is true, is working time and I won’t be happy if I think that I want to sew all day. So thanks a lot!!

    You started yoga classes too? For me is almost the best moment of the week!

    And thanks a lot for the print, I can’t wait to have it at home!!
    I’m happy for you that things are getting better!

    Have a nice weekend!


  2. tidytipsy

    Thank you both!
    Neus, I’m glad my little comment helped you!!
    That’s funny, everyone seems to be doing yoga! I’ve only been to the one class but already liked it a lot 🙂



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