That’s where I am and where I’ll be for months to come guessing by my stack of ideas and fabric. I’m busy drafting a couple nice basic blouses, using the Sorbetto pattern as a sloper. I did modify the length, armholes, neckline and bust dart, so I’m not sure you could even call it a Sorbetto any longer.

Which leads me to the question: how do you store your self-drafted or printed patterns?
I even trace bought patterns (like the Wiksten Tova and Tank) because I usually make the smallest size and I want to “save” the multisize pattern. Until now the number of my patterns are quite manageable and I store them like this, the pieces carefully folded and held together by a clothespin for each pattern.

They live in a small vintage suitcase. It was my mom’s and I claimed it as a kid and have held on to it ever since.

As my stack of patterns grows I will probably have to think of a new method soon. I’d love to see how you organize and store your patterns!
By the way, I am honored to be featured on the Wiksten Blog today with a tankdress I made from Jenny’s pattern!


8 thoughts on “patterndrafting-land

  1. erin

    What a pretty place to store your patterns.
    I store my patterns in manila envelopes which I keep in box folders on bookshelves. Not pretty at all 😦


  2. Linda

    I have been wondering exactly the same thing! And I was also wondering about multi-size patterns and whether or not to trace so I could keep the bigger sizes (patterns can be so expensive so it’s a pity to cut them up!), so I think I will do what you do and trace the smaller size. I keep my fabric in an old hat box and I have another one, so maybe I will use it for my patterns!


  3. tidytipsy

    Thank you all for your comments! If (when) my pattern stack increases I will probably give the manila envelopes a try, sounds like a very neat solution!


  4. theperfectnose

    Most of the things I make are from magazine traced patterns (Knipmode, La Mia Boutique and Burda). I label each piece with the mag, month and pattern number + size and fold them into plastic see through sleeves which I store in ring binders (the large D-ring kind). I’ve separate binders for woven and stretch/jersey patterns and another binder I put my pdf patterns into. For things I’ve large format printed from pdfs (A0 and larger) I store them rolled up in a box.



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