my other (new) blog

Just a quick note today to say that my new photography blog is online! I will be sharing current photoshoots and some earlier work there in the coming weeks, so keep an eye one it. I will be blogging in both english and german. After three years of blogging in english I find expressing myself in german in writing quite difficult 🙂
Head over to right now to see my latest photoshoot with a friend.

Don’t worry, I will be keeping the tidytipsy blog just the same (minus a few photoshoots). This blog means a lot to me and I consider it to be very personal, private even…funny thing to say about a blog visible to everyone, I know. Still, I write things here that I don’t even really talk about in daily life! My photography blog will be less personal and wordy, but I hope you’ll like it too 🙂


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