It’s slow coming this year, but every day there are more blossoms on the trees.

We’ve had temperatures up until 19°C for a few days, but now they’ve dropped again to barely above 0. The quick temperature and weather changes have us all pretty tired. I took a day off work last week on the spur of the moment and spent it at home in my pj’s, cuddling the cats, sleeping, watching movies and doing some potting and planting on the balcony. It was just what I needed and I felt tons better on Saturday already.

I can’t wait to have the world green again.


5 thoughts on “springtime

  1. The F Girl

    Love it. The children and I have been walking around yesterday, spotting different colours of blossoms all over town. So beautiful. This might be my favourite time of the year. Well, it would be if it would be just a tiny bit warmer.. brrr 🙂



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