A first approach, a quick cut of one perfect day at our beautiful barn.
Please be kind…I know it’s too choppy and shaky and short and all sorts of things, but it literally took me days to make it.

I learned loads making this and I’m hooked…even though video is so much more complicated than photography. I think I still prefer the (almost) instant gratification a lovely picture offers but I’ll keep on playing with video in the future!


14 thoughts on “video

  1. Neus

    Kristina your video is so nice!!! I really like it!! I makes me feel like going to Germany right now!
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Kristina

    Thanks so much! The brown horse nibbling the grass is the pony I ride 🙂 He’s the cutest little guy. The birds are so loud in spring, it’s not hard to catch them singing at any time 🙂
    I will definitely keep at it, it was a lot of fun to make. It’s just a very different medium to photography, there’s so much to learn!


    1. Kristina

      Thanks Mary, wow that looks amazing! And kind of complicated to make 😉 I was surprised how hard it is to keep the camera steady because I usually have quite a steady hand for pictures…but when focussing manually with one hand and only holding the large camera in the other you really can’t keep it very steady. I did borrow a light tripod from a friend for some more video tries 🙂


      1. Mary M

        Yeah, getting video steady is hecka hard for me to do but it must get better with practice right?! 😉 I think there may be easier DIY stabalizers out there… You might have to just look a bit. Bottom line is you don’t necessarily need something fancy and expensive.



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