wiksten tulip skirt #2

So much for my high-flying plans to try out new things in sewing this spring! I always fall back on old favourites it seems…Wiksten patterns just fit me great and the tulip skirt is such a classic piece that I just had to make a summer version (see the winter version in corduroy here).

The fabric is a lightweight linen-rayon mix. Perfect for warm days.

To shake things up a bit I added pockets and a contrasting waistband inside.

I love this pattern…simple and easy and yet so neat with all the handsewn seam finishes. I also love how it sits at my natural waist, which I know suits me.

I hope Jenny decides to make more patterns in future, I can’t wait to sew them up!


11 thoughts on “wiksten tulip skirt #2

  1. lauren

    Lovely as always. It looks like it has a really nice drape to it. I agree, I’m always hoping her next blog post will be announcing the release of a new pattern!


  2. analog

    it looks great! i admire jenny’s patterns as well, but always thought that the tulip skirt wouldn’t fit me – your version tends to change my mind 🙂
    by the way i really, really like the quilts you make as well as your affinity for “greenie” things! may i ask where you got your wristwatch from? i’ve been searching for a one like this for quite a time now.
    have a nice evening 🙂


  3. Kristina

    Thank you all 🙂
    @ Lauren, exactly, I would love it if Jenny decided to offer more patterns, her clothes are so easy and elegant.
    @analog thanks so much! My wristwatch is D&G (it was like 75% off when I got it) and it’s nearly 10 years old so I’m afraid you won’t find the exact one now. I hope you find what you’re looking for soon 🙂


    1. analog

      in the last december issue of neet-magazine i’ve read that jenny plans to offer some new patterns this year!
      the interview starts on page 113 and on page 116 she says, “i have a spring collection coming out, some new sewing patterns to release, and more wiksten home goods.”
      (the link: http://www.neetmagazine.com/issue025.html)
      so hopefully this will come truth 🙂



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