june days

I am SO hooked on making videos…I just can’t seem to stop.

We’ve had some lovely sunny days here which I’ve tried hard to enjoy. Between my pollen allergy and a LOT of work it hasn’t always been easy. Sneeze.
In addition to some really tough days at the office (which unfortunately will continue all month) I’ve been quite busy with my photography as well, which is great of course and I am enjoying myself immensely doing photoshoots. So far I’ve been blessed with the sweetest clients imaginable and I hope I’ll be able to share the results pretty soon!
At this point I just have to mention this speech I listened to the other day. Do yourselves a favor and sit down with a cup of tea or lemonade, depending on your weather, watch this and be inspired. Preferably after you’ve read this post to the end that is 🙂

I’m trying to soak up this time of year at the barn, when the wind is still fresh and the grass is lush and green, before the flies and the heat. Sneeze. I also gave in today and started taking pills against my allergy.
I then rode the pony bareback through the woods without a single sneeze. Heaven.
My balcony garden is coming along nicely as well. I got flowers in addition to edibles this year and they look lovely in their pots next to the herbs and mints. Which reminds me, I just bought a fourth type of mint. Ginger mint. How could I resist?

The kohlrabis are getting chubbier.

I took out the sukkulents to soak up some sun too, then had to take them inside again because they got burned and turned red! Now they’re back to green and doing great thankfully.

The sunniest corner is occupied by the tomatoes and peppers, along with a little mint and yet more flowers tucked in here and there.

I was given some soil to use from a friend and mixed it with storebought soil. I seems to have come from a garden, because these have been growing in between my plants:

Aren’t they cute? The seeds must have been dormant in the soil. Anyone know their name in english?
The wild strawberries are producing like crazy.

I love the unique taste of wild strawberries. The greatest weekend breakfast!

I also finally got some green things for our bare window sills inside. It’s amazing how a little bit of green can cheer a room up so much.

The cats love them too. Unfortunately this means they’re busy nibbling away at them. Good thing I took care only to buy plants that are non-toxic for cats and so far, the addition to their diet doesn’t seem to be doing any harm.
They do love our new rug as well…I’m predicting the plants are tougher than the rug and will last longer. Good thing too because the rug only cost me 3€ at the thrift store 🙂 Slowly but surely this new place of ours is getting cozy!


14 thoughts on “june days

    1. Kristina

      Thanks Chaucee! It’s just plain yoghurt with granola and nuts and a little honey. And the strawberries of course 🙂 It’s great for breakfast.


  1. CamberwellGal


    I think your small pretty flowers are called Heartsease/Hearts Ease or wild pansies in English. Heartsease look like small versions of the larger, lusher bedding plants (pansy (s) pansies (pl) in English), which I love them for all the more (a bit like your ‘wild’ strawberries).

    Your balcony garden looks amazing. It seems to have done nothing but rain since Easter in the UK, and finally potted on and put out all my kitchen window sill seedlings two weeks ago, which have since been attacked by Mrs Blackbird (I just about forgive her, she has a nest full of babies in the ivy hedge), and since when it rained and the snails have eaten all the leaves off all my tomato plants and cosmos flowers…the risks of ground level gardening – but terribly frustrating!


  2. CamberwellGal

    PS. Here’s a wikipedia link which says all kinds of interesting things about heartsease (vioal tricolor is its botanical name apparently) and its uses.


    1. Kristina

      Thank you!! What a sweet name and they look so much prettier than the cultivated version.
      I’m sorry your garden isn’t doing so well 😦 It’s always so frustrating when you’ve worked for it and things don’t work out. I hope your plants recover and you will get a bit of nice weather soon!


  3. rosandbess

    Beautiful photography Kristina ❤ I'm the same in regards to nature/gardening vs digital life… must get into the garden often!


  4. Hanna

    The little flowers were my Mum’s favourites and we knew them as Johnny Jump-ups…though we always called them Jolly Jump-ups, as they make most people smile 🙂
    I had them tattoo’d on my arm when Mum passed away. and they still make me smile.
    Your blog is beautiful, I stumbled across it by searching “Wiksten Tank”and hitting google images…yours is the one that jumped out at me & I began to wander….
    I’ll be back for sure 🙂



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