yet another wiksten tank

Sorry for the long silence folks! I’ve been so busy since coming back from Italy that I haven’t taken many personal photos, let alone edit them.
We got summer and sunshine for a whole week, finally a stop to all the rain and below 20Cs we’ve been having! Which means that I got to wear the latest Wiksten tank, made earlier in the year:

I found this lovely silk chiffon fabric months ago and had to try working with it. It was easier to sew with than I had expected! I absolutely have to wear a white top under it though, because it’s very sheer.

Grey isn’t really a color that suits me but I like to pair it with corals or reds to brighten it up (like this red H&M blazer).

I haven’t actually touched my sewing machine in weeks and weeks but I’m hoping to dust it off today after work to work with a nice bright summer fabric I picked up yesterday.
I won’t complain though, I love all the travelling I have been doing lately and look forward to all those weekend trips already planned! As always I just wish there were more hours in the day though, to make time for sewing and also more time for developing my business (as it is, I’m so busy with photoshoots and editing them that I haven’t found the time to work on my website or the print shop I really wish to set up).
But now, another day at the office and starting the weekend after that 🙂


12 thoughts on “yet another wiksten tank

  1. smunch

    I LOVE this. I love the pattern and the material, and you’re right, it looks so good with that red blazer. Nice to see you sewing again! But I know how it often falls behind a thousand other things when life is busy.


    1. Kristina

      Thanks Lauren :)) For me, starting a project is always the hard thing…once I get started I can sew for hours and enjoy it, but I don’t much like the first steps of pulling out the fabrics and making the decision on the pattern and cutting. So it’s too easy for me sometimes to pass it up and do other things. But I started a skirt yesterday and I’m totally back in the rhythm already 🙂


  2. RejoiceForTheDay

    This is really pretty. You are really good, would have never guessed it was homemade. I have never made a tank top, but think I will try. I even got my sewing machine out yesterday. Thanks for the link.



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