This beautiful video by David Kong captures Italy, my part of Italy, so perfectly that I can hardly bear to watch it…it makes me ache for these parts so much.

Portrait of Macerata from David Kong on Vimeo.

My friends live near Macerata and when I spent two weeks with them in 2008 (gosh, how fast the years have passed!) I took the bus down to Macerata every day to take Italian lessons. Before and after the lessons I strolled the city, looked at the sights, shopped at the market and generally took this ancient, bustling little town in. Those two weeks were amazing and this video takes me right back there.
My Italian instructor was beautiful Elisabetta, who has since quit teaching and become a fashion blogger:
That’s the down side of travelling isn’t it? It makes you fall in love with places and yearn for them years after. When I was seventeen I lived in Ireland for a year and it took me years not to feel homesick for it anymore after coming back.


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  2. t.

    oh yes, homesickness is brutal! i have moved several times already and it’s nearly always the same: you are excited about the change and start living in a dream world at the end of your stay, then, when you have moved to the new place, yearning for your former home starts (often because the new place underachieves your dreams). it takes about three years to recover (at least that’s my experience :D).
    the video is beautiful, it’s great to have connections to other countries 🙂



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