oh no she didn’t

Buy yet another sewing machine? I sure did 🙂
To quote my boyfriend “Don’t you have three sewing machines already? What do you need another one for?”. The answer to that could only be: “But look at her, she’s so preeetty!”

Meet number 4, a tiny Elna Lotus tsp. She looks terribly cute next to my massive 1930’s Phoenix treadle and she’s just small enough to not take up too much space and to be set up quickly if I need a zig-zag stitch. And very handy too, clapping up the sides and she’s ready to go, needing no case.

She was a bargain at the thrift store for 10€ and I just had to have her. She’s also reasonably clean and seems to be in good working order (I haven’t yet tested her thoroughly though…spending nearly a whole day thrifting yesterday while still fighting that nasty cough has ensured that I’ve spent almost all of today on the couch with a book and a cup of tea). With a glass for size comparison. She really is tiny:

And not the only lucky find yesterday! I’m in love with this pea green tea pot and the pretty pyrex dish.

I already have a teapot and dishes of course…minimalism definitely didn’t win yesterday. My friend and I really did go a bit wild, cheering us on for every newfound treasure (“Ah, go on, it costs next to nothing”). I also bought three sweaters (one handmade crocheted 1980’s sweater with dolman sleeves pictured below), two winter hats (one pictured below), a small handbag, some old records with fairytales from my childhood, a couple of storage jars and glass candle holders and so on.

Thrifting weekends are the best! Since starting these regular trips, I’ve become very bored with store shopping…endless supplies of mass produced stuff just don’t do it for me anymore. I need the thrill of the treasure hunt.


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