It’s not often that I find myself at home with time on my hands, but today after a hectic week and a productive morning I was ready for some quality time… just me, the couch, a couple of sheepskins and blankets and of course the cats, who are always looking for an opportunity to snuggle and sleep all over my legs in winter.
Time to give this blog a little make-over! So now it has a new header, a couple of nice badges and an updated ‘About Me‘ section. If you’re reading through Google Reader or something similar – do check out the blog on its own today.
The “Daily Reading” links section has also been updated, now including (among others)
Lindsay’s lovely blog,
Jodi, who makes me wish I was in sunny Australia and
this incredibly inspiring lady.
There is also a link to my new Photography Website which launched pretty quietly during the summer. For updated portfolios of my photography work, do take a peek!
Finally, over on my other blog I’ve also made some slight changes. In case you haven’t been following it and because I don’t want my photography to be away from this space completely, I want to take this opportunity to point out some of my favourite photoshoots from 2012:

Sibel and Sefa’s wedding photos which we took in a gorgeous park.

Dana’s adorable new kitten.

Another great wedding, Dani and Moritz’ wedding party took place in an ancient castle!

I loved taking Cerille’s maternity photos, and meeting her adorable newborn baby boy only a few weeks later!

Colin is one of the sweetest babies I have ever met!

Katrin’s Maternity photoshoot in London.

And finally, Becky’s photoshoot with her horse with some of my favourite photos from the whole year!


8 thoughts on “overhaul

  1. Serenity

    Another beautiful post! The pictures are beautiful! I think the new overhaul is lovely and fetching! Excellent job! Those few free moments are few and far between, aren’t they, dear I pray that you and yours have a very beautiful and blessed Christmas! xo


  2. Lindsay

    Love the new design! I’ve been meaning to update mine for awhile, but the idea of changing anything is completely overwhelming, so I just tweak a few things here and there until I can wrap my mind around the whole thing.

    And yay for making the daily reads list! I always have to check your blog when you have a new post, too. Your photos, sewing and musings are such an inspiration.



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