between the days

between the days. tidytipsy
between the days. tidytipsy
between the days. tidytipsy
The days are flying by too fast, as always, but we’re enjoying each to the fullest. Being with friends. Going thrift store shopping. Getting the apartment organized (we’re still finding stuff we should have dealt with a year ago when we moved). A walk or two though it’s grey and rainy. Resuming the long neglected clicker training with the kitties. Just generally getting to all the stuff that got passed by during the year due to time pressures. Sleeping. Reading. Watching movies. Listening to music.
between the days. tidytipsy
between the days. tidytipsy
Be back for the yearly new year’s resolutions post.


6 thoughts on “between the days

    1. Kristina

      Clicker Training is a method of training or teaching animals how to do stuff. It’s basically operational conditioning with the click as the signal for “that was good, that earned you a treat”. My cats know how to do sit, high five, give paw and so on. It’s a way of keeping them mentally occupied and I find that with my shy cats it also gives them confidence. It makes a situation more predictable. They love it when strangers give them their signals instead of just trying to pet them, it makes them more confident in a (to them) potentially “dangerous” encounter.
      There are online resources that explain how to do it and I can recommend Karen Pryor’s book Clicker Training for Cats.



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