So, after declaring one of my New Year’s resolutions to be ‘challenging myself in my photography’ I’ve been thinking about what I really want my photography to be like and where I need to grow.
My photography is all about the little moments…natural interactions between people, with animals etc. (see my photography blog for more). I’ve gotten better at resolutely turning down requests for party photography and such. There are many great party photographers out there, but I ain’t one of them and never will be. I work best on a one-on-one basis.
So, for a start, I will be following Jodi’s “A Portrait a Week” challenge”. I’m already two weeks late to it unfortunately.
a portrait a week
I’ll be defining the term “portrait” very loosely for myself. To be honest, I’ll probably be lucky to shoot one nice photo for myself a week, portrait or not. Time will tell whether I’ll be able to keep up, but it’s a nice thing to start and having to blog it may just be pressure enough for me to actually keep doing it!
So here it is, my first portrait, week 3 in 2013.
3/52. tidytipsy


7 thoughts on “3/52

  1. Serenity

    It is never too late to start something, dear. I never make New Years Resolutions for they are too easil broken. I just day I am going to do something been this year. I am going to learn how to crochet. Well, it is a work in progress and a slow start to it, let’s say. I am waitng on my mom’s best friend to come over and show me how. Keep up the good work and don’t feel down if you cannot keep up. A lovely picture you posted today, BTW. 🙂


  2. thoughtsfromanamericanwoman

    Your photo blog is wonderful – You are very talented. I can’t wait to see more of your work. You are one of my inspirations.


  3. Ana GR (@Ana_GR)

    love the idea of seein your portraits week after week.
    Love this one. Horses always make beautiful images. The horses in all your photos are awesome!
    PS: Yes we have our horses with horseshoes for their safety, because most of them don’t have their hooves strong enough. There’s only few of them with barefeet


    1. Kristina

      Thanks Ana 🙂 It’s funny how horses feet are so different isn’t it? Granted, most of ours are Irish tinkers or various pony mixes, so they’re all right going barefoot. Thankfully we’ve never had a problem with it.



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