laying low

5/52. tidytipsy
My 5/52 photo and a perfect mirror of myself these last few weeks. I am really starting to miss the light. It’s been on the news that this past January has been the dullest (in terms of sunlight) in about 50 years. I crave a sunlit afternoon so bad.
Instead, I turn to the next best thing: sleep. Me and the couch and the hot water bottle, we’re close in winter. Come 8pm you’ll find me fast asleep nearly every evening of the week.
knitting. tidytipsy
sewing. tidytipsy
So hard to get anything done when you’re sleeping all the time. Some socks, coming along very slowly. A new skirt, waiting for the finishing touches for weeks. Lots and lots of research for the business (exciting stuff in the works this year!).
cats. tidytipsy
Planning and dreaming and waiting for the light.


9 thoughts on “laying low

  1. Kristina

    Thank you all!
    @ Nettie, I threw away the wrapper, but it was some Regia yarn, not Knit Picks πŸ™‚
    @ cjgal, it’s actually two different kitties! They’re brothers and look very much alike πŸ™‚


  2. Lindsay Jewell

    I’m ready for some longer, brighter days too. We’ve had a couple random bursts of sunlight here and there, and although they’re much appreciated, they never last long enough for me.

    Your socks look like they’re going to be nice and cozy!


  3. Victoria Bennett Beyer

    It has been a while since I have been over here to visit but I am so glad I am here now. It has been a long hard winter over here in PA, too. It seems like it snows every day, and I can only remember two days that I have seen the sun. I am so over it! To make myself feel better, I’ve been looking through bulb catalogues, planning so that I will have mounds of daffodils to wake my spirit this time next year. Your little succulent is adorable. I have been wanting some but we just don’t have any sunny windows, with the trees all around the house. I am enjoying looking at yours.



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