waiting for spring

I’m so over it being winter. Being cold all the time. Not being able to use my balcony or to plant anything because it’s all still frozen solid. Winter seems to drag on indefinitely this year and no matter how much I’m trying to be positive I can’t stand it any longer. I think I’ve got cabin fever from being indoors and out of the light for too long and from working too much.

A visit at the ponies still does wonders for my spirits though.
cuddly. tidytipsy
shadow play. tidytipsy
And we do try to be cozy at home, watching movies and doing our best to eat something other than frozen pizza.
dinner. tidytipsy
A bit of a rant this time, sorry! I’ll be bright and happy again once spring is here ok?


12 thoughts on “waiting for spring

  1. Lindsay

    Is it normal for winter weather to last this long where you live? I feel like we’ve had an unusually early spring this year. I’m not complaining, but I do wonder what that means for summer.

    I really love that first photo. Can almost feel the softness of that muzzle. And guacamole? – yum!


    1. Kristina

      Definitely not normal, some year’s we have early springs with 20Β° by this time. We’ve had a record winter this year both in terms of temperature and lack of light. Something like the coldest spring in 100 years and the darkest winter since they started to keep records 😦
      I’m trying to console myself that it really can’t stay like this much longer.
      I’m happy you’re having a great spring though and I love seeing all your plant photos πŸ™‚
      I love guacamole too and I should really make it more often, it’s so easy!



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