bits and pieces

While a full, coherent post is lurking in my drafts (it’s about a gift I can’t give away for another few days or weeks), here’s a jumble of pictures from the last few weeks.
Like apparently half the handmade blogosphere I’ve rediscovered my love for sock knitting in the middle of summer. Now it’s just a matter of deciding which of the five unfinished pairs of socks I will try to complete. Following craft logic it will probably be the pair that has been barely started.
knitting. tidytipsy
The kitties have not enjoyed the summer heat (though it hasn’t dimmed their love for thick warm carpets) and are looking forward to cooler weather.
kitty. tidytipsy
I threw a suprise baby party for my pregnant best friend which was a great success. It was a bit like a party in our teenage days, with silly games and cake and a good chat.
baby party. tidytipsy
The balcony plants have done well and the tomatoes are ready for picking!
tomatoes. tidytipsy
tomatoes. tidytipsy
These flowers came up unexpectedly and I can’t stop admiring them.
flowers. tidytipsy
flowers. tidytipsy
Looking forward to getting the balcony ready for fall!


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