happy new year!

I’m wishing you all a wonderful start into 2014.
happy new year. tidytipsy
On the whole, 2013 was a good year for me. I opened my Etsy Shop and learned a ton about having an online business. I was lucky to do some lovely client photoshoots. I also got to travel a bit which always keeps me happy and refills my batteries like nothing else.

The year has gone by so fast that I can hardly believe it’s time for New Year’s Resolutions again! If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know I’m a big believer in making resolutions. Some of last year’s resolutions worked out quite well and I’m proud of that. Writing them down and thinking about practical ways to achieve each resolution is a big step to accomplishing them.

happy new year. tidytipsy
For 2014 I want to keep my resolutions simple:

  • healthy eating and living. On the list every year, but I feel I really made some progress here in 2013. I will be sharing this in more detail in its own post but my goal for 2014 is to keep on track. This includes a. healthy eating (meaning essentially less sugar, carbs and grains and more vegetables and fruits), b. drinking lots of water and c. regular exercise (daily yoga and walking plus horseriding and weekly yoga class).
  • do my thing and stop comparing myself to others. Knowing your competition is good but especially in photography it can be numbing to see all the talent out there and feel inadequate in comparison. I am happiest when I’m in my creative bubble, doing work I am passionate about and this year I want to remind myself that while drawing inspiration from other artists is great, it is equally important to deliberately step away and immerse yourself in your own creative world. I’m looking at you, Pinterest.
    This year I want to do more work I feel intensely passionate about as this is the work that pushes me in the right direction and makes me really happy.
  • less internet time and distraction. this really goes hand in hand with #2. I love the internet but we all know it’s a time sucker like nothing else. Carefully managing and restricting my internet time is a must to make room for working efficiently and having time for creativity.
  • get out more. Being in new places and surrounded by nature is intensely satisfying and inspiring for me. In 2014 I want to plan two weekend breaks to just get away for a change of air in between.
  • blog more. I love this little space and I feel I haven’t spent enough time here lately. I’ll also be doing an overhaul on my photo blog but redefining this personal space here is important to me.
  • grow my business. Obviously 😉 This year I want to focus on what really matters to me and inspires me and I’m so looking forward to it!

Ahem, forget keeping it simple. Once I start writing I usually can’t stop. The boyfriend asked me yesterday what my resolutions are and I replied ‘It’s still a bit vague in my head, but ask me again tomorrow. Once I’ve written about it I’ll know.’ That’s just one of the things I love about blogging…I get to know myself so much better by writing about stuff!
happy new year. tidytipsy
One more thing: The start of a new year is always a good time to listen to this wonderful and inspirational speech by Neil Gaiman. If you don’t know it yet, treat yourself to 20 minutes and listen to it. Actually, even if you do know it, treat yourself and watch it again. I’ll wait here.

Feeling inspired? New Year’s day is a great day to ask yourself ‘What is my mountain? Did the things I did last year take me nearer to or further away from my mountain?’
For me I can say I am moving in the right direction. The way is not always clear but it gets clearer the further I get along.
happy new year. tidytipsy
Thank you for reading and sharing this little corner of the internet with me!


6 thoughts on “happy new year!

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  2. Lindsay

    I love your resolutions! Especially the one about not comparing yourself to other people. I’ve toyed with the idea of writing a children’s novel for a long time, but I’ve been completely paralyzed by all of the talent out there. It’s like, why bother? But I haven’t even really tried, so this year I’m just going to focus on – as you say – working in my own little creative bubble. We’ll see what happens.

    And yes to Neil Gaiman’s speech! So, so good.

    Good luck with your resolutions. Looking forward to more posts from you in 2014. 🙂


    1. Kristina

      Thank you! It’s hard not to compare, especially as there is so much information and inspiration around. But we have to remind ourselves again and again that we have to walk our own way, not matter how far ahead others seem to be.
      Ooh, a children’s novel sounds so lovely! Go for it!!!


  3. Stefanie Neumann

    Frohes Neues Jahr, nochmals!

    Die Ansprache von Neil ist fantastisch und immer wieder schön, zu hören.
    Und bezüglich der Neujahrs-Vorsätze, Deine lesen sich ganz ähnlich meiner Ziele für die nächsten zwölf Monate. 🙂

    Viel Freude beim Umsetzen und Erlauben!


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