growing food

My fingers are a bit raw from scrubbing to get the soil out from under my nails. I had forgotten how dirty gardening is. Or how good it feels to spend a few hours outside digging in the dirt. Time for an update on my balcony garden!
tomatoes. little home by hand blog.
The tomato seedlings are coming along well and are in the hardening off stage already.
blooming. little home by hand blog.
We (meaning person, animal and plant) have been soaking up every last bit of sunshine and warmth and the apple tree is gratefully pushing out blossoms. I take this as a very good sign that there will be more than one apple (last year’s harvest) this time.
balcony gardening. little home by hand blog.
balcony gardening. little home by hand blog.
The peas are poking their cute first leaves through the soil. Yes, I just called peas cute. Such a proud plant mama. I made them a trellis from some leftover pieces since I couldn’t find a suitable mesh but I’ll still need to hunt down some sticks in the woods to add to it.
balcony flowers. little home by hand blog.
balcony flowers. little home by hand blog.
A few early flowers are really brightening the space up while all the other plants and flowers are just getting started.
salad. little home by hand blog.
kale. little home by hand blog.
In addition to starting the tomatoes and peppers inside in my light box the more cold hardy crops have been doing well in a little foil greenhouse outside.
The salad boxes are overflowing and in dire need to be thinned out and the kale is ready to move into its own window box as well.
Hard to describe how satisfying it is to watch all these seedlings growing strong and big. A very primal feeling of content. We may be creatures of polished office work and smartphones by day but doing things by hand – be it growing food, or knitting, sewing, woodworking, building, you name it – is a need that runs deep.


11 thoughts on “growing food

  1. Lindsay

    So lovely to see everything blooming and sprouting! My tomato seeds finally sprouted. Can’t wait until they’re as big as yours. ­čÖé


  2. Martha

    My fingers feel the same way today. I spent hours working in the garden too. I agree with you it is very satisfying to see your plant grow. Your garden is looking fabulous. You are going to have a bounty this summer.


  3. Kylie M-W

    I’ve been planning this year’s garden and have just begun to start seeds… I agree, it is always such a satisfying feeling to see them grow!
    Your photos are beautiful ­čÖé


  4. Stefanie Neumann

    Jetzt habe ich schon wieder Hunger auf Salat! ­čśë

    Als wir k├╝rzlich unseren Balkon “fr├╝hjarsfit” gemacht haben, musste ich ├╝berwiegend zuschauen, da ich’s zur Zeit im R├╝cken habe. Ich war richtig neidisch auf meinen Mann, als er das mit den H├Ąnden in der Erde gew├╝hlt hat!

    Viel Freude noch mit Eurem Balkon-Paradies – und guten Appetit!


      1. Stefanie Neumann

        Auf dem Balkon haben wir Erdbeeren, Salatrauke, Kresse, Waldmeister, einige mediterrane Kr├Ąuter, ein paar Wildkr├Ąuter (essbare “Unkr├Ąuter” wie Vogelmiere und L├Âwenzahn)… Ges├Ąht sind bereits Buschbohnen, Zuckererbsen (hoffentlich kommen die dieses Jahr auch mal), Zucchinis, Gurken, Karrotten (werden eine Miniausgabe), Radieschen, Kapuzinerkresse, Spinat und ein paar, zum Teil essbare, Blumen f├╝r die Bienen und Schmetterlinge. Au├čerdem bekommen wir bald noch je eine Coctailtomatenpflanze mit gelben und roten Fr├╝chten. Kartoffeln werden noch rausgesetzt, sobald wir wieder Lindas bekommen. Bei unserem kleinen Balkon bleibt dazwischen gerade so genug Platz f├╝r zwei Personen zum sitzen.
        Dann haben wir haben in der K├╝che noch ein paar weitere Kr├Ąuter und ein Kaffeeb├Ąumchen.

        Abgesehen von den Tomaten ist die Obst- und Gem├╝seernte zwar eher klein, doch zusammen mit im Freiland gesammelten Wildkr├Ąutern bildet sie dennoch eine wertvolle Erg├Ąnzung zur gekauften Bioern├Ąhrung. ­čÖé



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