wait for it

Some of you may have noticed I have been a little absent from the internet, though I did my best to schedule some stuff ahead of time to not disappear completely.

In June I was travelling through Canada with a friend for nearly the whole month! We covered over 5000 km (about 3200 miles) all over BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan. A wonderful, exciting, exhausting road trip that I will blog about soon.

Canada. Little home by hand blog.I’ve been home for a week but catching up on both office work and photo work (the shop is open again), getting rid of that annoying jet lag and getting back into the pace of things takes time. I am trying to preserve a bit of slow, of laid-back, of letting go and taking time, something 5000 km of car time on endless canadian roads definitely teaches you.

It will be a while before I’ve sorted out the thousands of photos from our trip and before I’ll be ready to write it up into coherent blog posts.


7 thoughts on “wait for it

  1. Inge

    Oh, that sounds wonderful! I’ve only been to BC (twice) and it holds a big part of my heart. I would love to go back and visit other parts of Canada too. Looking forward to seeing your photos and hearing your stories, but I know it takes time going through them!


  2. Erika

    Sounds like a wonderful time. I bet the scenery was breathtaking, much like the photo you have posted here. Can’t wait for the posts all about it.


  3. sallock

    I’m already excited about your road trip photography! The photo you’ve posted looks great! Can’t wait to hear about your adventure!



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