on pregnancy and journeys

Here comes a longish post on pregnancy feelings so if that’s not your cup of tea feel free to skip.
on the last few weeks of pregnancy | little home by hand blog
Nearly 37 weeks now. Truth be told, I’m very much enjoying these last few weeks of pregnancy. A quiet time for once, resting, feeling baby squirming and nudging, sometimes softly, sometimes forcefully and at times painfully. A comfortable, reassuring sensation by now instead of the novelty every kick was just a few months ago.

The knowledge that these days of secret communication are numbered and fleeting makes them all the more precious and finally, after all the things demanding attention and decisions in the last few months, I feel free to concentrate on them and treasure them.
on the last few weeks of pregnancy | little home by hand blog
9 months of pregnancy have flown by so fast. These last few weeks are a sweet spot before the unknown, life as a family of three, hits. I’m lucky of course. Apart from some back and hip pain, dizziness due to low blood pressure and being heavy and clumsy on my feet, I feel surprisingly well. Maybe due to the fact that chronic back pain was my daily companion for over two years, the comparatively small discomforts of these final weeks bother me little. Sure, I miss being able to walk more than 30 minutes at a time or get up from the floor withough assistance but I don’t dwell on it and anyway, I know this phase will pass soon enough. Unlike with chronic pain, swimming in an sea of pain with no land in sight and nothing to hold on to, the shore is now quite a bit nearer than I’d like at times. It is, after all, unknown territory we’re entering and who knows what we’ll find?

It’s an adventure and I’m at the same time eager for it to start and apprehensive. We’re in a good, safe place and everything coming is still a rather fuzzy picture. I always feel like this when I travel as well. I love the planning stage and look forward to a trip for weeks and months. Yet when the day finally comes to pack up and close the door behind me I suddenly have a strong urge to stay. Home has never seemed so sweet and comfortable and safe than in that moment of leaving it behind, however temporary the parting. This feeling quickly dissipates once I hit the road or the plane touches the ground at my destination (ugh, I hate flying). Excitement and a thirst for new experiences and impressions then take over.
on the last few weeks of pregnancy | little home by hand blog
Maybe that’s what it’ll be like when this baby arrives, that as soon as I can hold him or her in my arms I’ll forget to feel bittersweet about the end of pregnancy and will just look forward to the exciting times ahead.
We’ll see.

For now I’m sitting back, stroking the belly and feeling baby move in response, enjoying my sweet spot.


4 thoughts on “on pregnancy and journeys

  1. Heidi

    When my first son arrived no longer did I think ahead or miss what was behind. I lived every minute, every second right there in that moment. The moment of sheer marvel at this new little being. I spent hours examining him. Kissing him. Stroking him. Enjoying him. Every thing you do from that moment on is a new and wondrous experience. I never wanted to be separated from him. And still… 11 years later… I could sit and watch him for hours. If only he’d let me kiss his face as much as I did… But I know he feels my live the same as he did as an infant. Enjoy every minute of it… Even the hard times. It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever done. Ever experienced. And still do. Happy parenting. 🙂


    1. Kristina Post author

      Heidi, thank you so much for your comment, that sounds AMAZING and makes me wish I had my baby in my arms already! From your comment and what I’ve read from other mother’s it IS a completely lifechanging experience. Wow.


  2. Ruth

    I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently as well. When we moved, I was surprised to be overwhelmed by emotion- I was more than ready to leave our little apartment and had been anxiously anticipating arriving in our new home but somehow seeing it stand there empty felt like a definite closing of a door. This sweet time as a family of two is almost over and though we couldn’t be more happy & excited to welcome our little one, it feels at times so unknown and scary- bittersweet is the right word for sure.
    thanks for sharing your thoughts. wishing you a wonderful last few weeks of your pregnancy.


  3. black label

    Everyone says nothing can prepare you for parenthood & its true. NOTHING CAN PREPARE YOU. Its an overwhelmingly magical thing filled with sweet moments but hard challenging ones too. It will change you forever but its all for the better. Im 7 months in to this parenthood gig & Ive only just managed to come up for a breath. Its wild, but its an experience like no other. Good luck. x



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