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making chapstick

When the weather gets cooler my mind turns not only to knitting but also to making body products. I made chapstick already last year, but wasn’t overly happy with the recipe, so I tried a different one this year.

I used:
20% beeswax
25% coconut oil
15% cocoa butter
40% olive oil

No coloring, no scent, no smell. I actually like the faint smell of beeswax 🙂 I was aiming for three or four tubes worth of chapstick and eyeballed the quantity. Now I’m not that good with numbers, so eyeballing was probably not the best idea in the first place. I made 50grams total, which turned out way too much (mental note: make only 25grams next year!) and ended up giving away the extra tubes to my work colleagues.

The process is very simple: 1. Melt the beeswax and cocoa butter in a boiling water bath.

2. Add the coconut oil and the olive oil (return to double boiler briefly if the beeswax solidifies again).

3. Pour it into the empty chapstick tubes and let it cool down.

Done! A great and simple chapstick to protect your lips from the cold in the coming months, without artificial flavorings, colorings, preservatives etc. Since you’re only dealing with oil there is no need for preservatives. I only use my chapstick for a couple of months before making new one though.


christmas goodies

This christmas everyone got handmade presents from me. Bathroom stuff for the most part, since I already had most of the supplies and was making soap and stuff anyways (and because some presents didn’t get finished in time because my sewing machine gave out).
Here’s the bag of goodies:
Lavender and Citrus Bath Bombs with lots of cocoa butter and almond oil (please let them work, I only made them the weekend before christmas and haven’t actually tried them myself…)

The lavender one was supposed to be purple but…well, before I found out the colour pigment actually dissolves in water only and not in oil it was a little too late. I was cleverer for the citrus one afterwards obviously (though I’m always anxious about adding water since I don’t use preservatives).

Yummy chocolate lipbalm

Citrus soap – I am actually soo in love with this one, i am forever taking it out just to sniff at it and always keep a piece in the shower. Made with organic green tea instead of my usual goatsmilk.

And finally some lavender soap. Did I mention my little problem with color pigments?? This one was supposed to be purple as well (surprise, surprise) but I took way to little pigment and it turned green…really, really green. The picture doesn’t do it justice. Oh, and when you wash with it the foam turns slightly purple…nice, eh? After the initial shock has worn off, I’m deciding it is the perfect halloween soap and have named it “lavender witch”.

beauty tip of the day

I seem to be allergic to some components in lotions…whatever face creams I have tried out, after a time I get zits from all of them.
So I read somewhere you could just use plain jojoba oil and tried that out. The result is amazing! Never ever since I was twelve or so has my skin been so great!
This is how I do it: I moisten my face with water, then use a little (not an awful lot!) of jojoba oil on a pad and dab it on.
face care
I’ll have to see if the water/oil combination is really moisturizing enough for my dry skin in winter, but for now it works like a dream.

soapy weekend

I am shocked to realise it’s already November and I haven’t been making soap for months! So on Sunday I got started again with a Lavender soap I’d been planning for ages. I used goat milk and colour pigment and we’ll see how that works out. It’s still in the freezer but I will be cutting it later today.
I also haven’t gotten around to posting my coffee soap yet, so here it is:
coffee soap
I used very very strong coffee for the lye solution and threw in some ground coffee from used coffee pads for exfoliation. No scent used but it still smells faintly of coffee…yum 🙂 The coffee is supposed to neutralise bad smells, so the soap should be used in the kitchen, after dicing onions etc. to prevent stinky fingers. I haven’t tried it out myself yet but gave away some to friends who tell me it works 🙂