Photography has been my passion, my motivation and my joy for many years. What got me into it 15 years ago as a teenager was the ability to capture a unique moment in time.

what photography means to meThis is me, 6 years old, on summer holiday in Spain. In the bungalow next to ours a mama cat had settled with her litter of fluffy white kittens. I was instantly in love and spent hours in the next few days loving on the unsuspecting kitties. A tiny moment in my life that made a profound impression on me and has led to a deep love for animals. Thank you to my dad for capturing it!

Every time in our lives has its own magic and beauty. I love capturing these precious memories and showing people that they and their lives are special and beautiful.

My Fine Art Photography evolved through my love of travel. I love picking up moods and atmospheres wherever I go, letting the magic of a moment or place weave into my photography.

Two years ago I turned my passion into a business. I’m avaible for photoshoots in Germany and adjacent countries and my nature and travel photography is available as fine art prints in my Etsy Shop.



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