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stolen moments

Every year I am amazed at how beautiful autumn is.

A few stolen moments, here and there, on my lunch break, on one of the rare occasions I bring my camera to work. I try to walk around a bit every day after lunch, taking a few deep breaths of fresh air and stretching my legs before sitting down again at the desk for the rest of the day. Even when it’s raining, even when I don’t feel like it. I feel better for it every time.

It gets dark so early now in the evenings that I’m trying to soak up the light at midday.
I’ve a busy weekend ahead of me (if you want to know what I’m always so busy with, check out my Facebook Page) but I’ll try to fit in taking a few pictures.
I’ve sewn not one, but two wearable items in the last few days! I think my sewing vibe and I are on the up again, hurrah 🙂


fall days

We’ve been having some lovely warm and sunny days, which we tried to soak up on lunch break during the week. I’ve a couple of posts planned in my head, but I guess if I wait for them to materialize into real posts with real photos I’d leave you waiting another week.

We have a long weekend ahead of us (the monday being a national holiday) and a still longer to-do list.

But I’m also looking forward to enjoying the sunshine and the last warm days of the year.

Wishing you all a great weekend!

autumn glow

Just popping in very quickly on a tired week night to quote the amazing Alicia:
“This week, I have noticed that the light has changed, much gentler than the bright summer light. The autumn glow is here…”

The change in the air is barely perceptible here, we’re still having wet, stuffy days and at night are kept awake by thunder and lightening.

But the light…she’s right. The autumn glow really is here.