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birthday post

My birthday was on Saturday. Last year I wrote a pretty elaborate post on my birthday and the changes in that year.
This year I seem to have a case of writer’s block. It was hard for me to even start this post. The past year has been pretty much what I had hoped for…steadier, quieter and less exciting than the years before.
This time last year I was still working in a very crappy job and distinctly remember my birthday as being another of those days where I was yelled at and made feel inadequate at the office. Thankfully I changed jobs in December and while I still have a challenging job it’s now challenging in a good way and I actually look forward to going to work in the morning…something I didn’t imagine was possible a year ago.
I think the changes and the growth were still there this year, just less obvious as it didn’t involve major life events like graduating or starting a job.

In fact, I guess the challenge is that with all those outward decisions made and things quieting down a little, all you’re left with is…yourself. Someone you paid little attention to when things were going topsy turvy. I admire people who seem so completely sure of who they are. I never seem to be, never seem to know myself that well.
Turning 27 I feel like crossing some invisible border. A lot of people my age already have kids, a mortgage, a plan. Time to sit down and think about how I want my life to be in the next years because for the first time it feels like it’s all up to me.

I’m not sure that’s a good thing yet.


another year

Impossible that a whole year can have passed so quickly! Yesterday was my birthday and September also marks a whole year of blogging for me. I spent the day working and then going out to dinner with my family in our favourite italian next-door restaurant, so this post is a day late.

A lot has happened in this one year, some good, some bad. My dad had a heart attack (writing that still makes that weird gut-wrenching feeling in my stomach) but is now doing so much better thankfully. I finished my thesis and thus completed my education I guess, though I feel there is still so much to learn. I got a job which has pushed me further and has made me realize again what kind of person I am and what kind of person I will never be and that I am ok with that.
Putting those things into categories of “good” and “bad” feels wrong. Sometimes good things come out of bad events and, as a friend has taught me once, every decision we make is ultimately the right decision, because it takes us new places and experiences and thus makes us grow as a person. It is our responsibility to embrace our decisions and make the best of things.

Those are the landmarks but there have been soo many little bits in between. My life is, in some ways, very different than a year ago (especially looking back at my birthday post from last year). Yet the fundamental things, the things that matter, are unchanged:
My boyfriend, who continues to say the right things at the right time always. I am the luckiest girl in the world.
My family, who I love so very much.
My friends of all ages, who I can always rely on. You guys know who you are and you are the very best!!
My sweet, shy cats who give me joy every single day.
The bestest pony of all, who challenges me to get over myself and teaches me that there are few things worth making a fuss about.

And last but not least, all the wonderful people from all over the world who I meet through blogging and who are, at times, as real to me as if we had already met. Thank you so much for taking the time to read through my ramblings, for commenting and encouraging!
Here’s to another year 🙂

scandinavia quilt

My dad’s birthday was on Sunday, so I can finally blog the quilt I made him. Last year I wasn’t home for his birthday and then my sewing machine got broken and he only got something small for christmas, so really this quilt covers two birthdays and one christmas 😉
While I love bright, sunshiny colors and the look of patchwork I know my dad definitely likes a more subdued look and scandinavian colours. So when I found this red pinstriped linen blend I knew it was perfect. The backing is a plain dark blue and the plaid binding connects the two colours and livens it all up a bit (I think).

I had originally planned to machine quilt it but it just didn’t work at all with my treadle…no chance without a walking foot. So I sat down to cried a bit and then I picked myself back up and started handquilting. Inspired by Anna Maria Horners new post I did big stitches with embroidery floss (3 strands if anyone wants to know the particulars).
And then I looked at it and the bold, rough quilting looked just perfect for the overall look I wanted to achieve. I think I will do handquilting with embroidery floss from now on on all of my quilts…I love the look of it and it is nice and quick work.

Not that quick though…so when I found out I only had two and a half days to complete it (due to my dad being away on business the whole week until his birthday) I went into panic mode and spend those days quilting and sewing. I never would have believed it but in those two days I got it basted, quilted, bound, washed and dried (though I had to drive over to my mom’s to use her dryer).

Except for sewing the binding on on one side the whole quilt is entirely handsewn and I am pretty darn proud of it. Thankfully my dad loves it so it was definitely worth it.

Want to know one of my guilty sewing-secrets? I never use a hoop for embroidery or quilting…when I learned it I didn’t have one and when I finally bought one it drove me crazy and didn’t work for me at all. So I just stretch the fabric tight with my hands while quilting.
This picture actually has the truest colours for the lovely red fabric (and it was at the beginning of the handquilting…a few hours on my fingers looked considerably more covered in band aid).