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Finally, a new name and new look! Welcome to ‘little home by hand’ which already feels much like home to me. I hope you’ll love it here!

So what’s new?

  • the name! tidytipsy has been my blog since 2009 and the name has not felt right for me for quite a while. I decided it was time to change things around. ‘Little home by hand’ embodies what I want this blog to be: a place where I can share my love of homemaking and all things handmade. There will be posts on sewing, knitting, gardening and other home related crafts like making beauty products and household items. This year I’m focussing on healthy eating so that will hopefully feature prominently as well
  • the look! A clean, shiny and cohesive new design that I spent a long time getting just right. It already feels much better than the old one and with the sidebar cleaned up it is much easier to navigate and find your way around.
  • the categories! Above the header you’ll find the main topics I blog about arranged in neat little pages that give you an overview of the most popular posts. There is a special page for tutorials to make them easier to find as well as the categories sewing, knitting, gardening and travel. The only thing I haven’t been able to place for yet is the blog roll, but I’ll fit in in somehwere in the next few days
  • about page! I’ve updated my About page to summarise what this blog is for and to distinguish it from my photography pages
  • photography page! I talk a little about what photography means for me and where you can find my shop, photo blog and so on
  • the sidebar! Let me tell you I spent a LOT of time on it and it was worth it. It’s now much easier to find my other social media accounts at a glance (let’s connect on instagram, pinterest, ravelry and flickr!) and find your way around

I’ve worked very hard to get everything just right but if you do find a broken link somewhere please let me know!

What’s stayed the same?

  • me! I’m still the same person and I will blog in the same, very personal way. There will still be no paid ads on this blog
  • you! I hope this will be everything (and more) the tidytipsy blog has been and I’m looking forward to connecting with all of you 🙂
  • the content you loved! You will find all the content from ‘tidytipsy’ has already migrated here and the old links are being redirected

Say hello and let me know how you like this new space!


my other (new) blog

Just a quick note today to say that my new photography blog is online! I will be sharing current photoshoots and some earlier work there in the coming weeks, so keep an eye one it. I will be blogging in both english and german. After three years of blogging in english I find expressing myself in german in writing quite difficult 🙂
Head over to www.fotografiekoehler.wordpress.com right now to see my latest photoshoot with a friend.

Don’t worry, I will be keeping the tidytipsy blog just the same (minus a few photoshoots). This blog means a lot to me and I consider it to be very personal, private even…funny thing to say about a blog visible to everyone, I know. Still, I write things here that I don’t even really talk about in daily life! My photography blog will be less personal and wordy, but I hope you’ll like it too 🙂