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the television question

I don’t watch television. At all. Ever. It wasn’t a conscious decision based on contemplating pros and cons. I used to watch a lot of television, especially tv series.
Then I started to really get into photography and sewing. I started reading blogs and started a blog myself and I opened a shop and my free hours were filling up so quickly that it was some time before I realized I hadn’t switched on the telly for weeks.
I never looked back and I haven’t missed it one minute. It’s amazing how unbearably annoying ad breaks become when you’re not used to them anymore. And how much bad dubbing bothers you and makes you just want to watch the original on youtube (which has the double advantage of no ads).
And why would you spend time on filtering out the 10% good stuff out of 90% trash when there is a whole world of blogging and photos and and learning and community out there?
And don’t we all have our own soap operas at home anyway even if they are ever so slightly less dramatic 😉 ?