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on balance

My friend and her baby girl, seeing and sniffing and feeling the rapeseed fields bloom. More rapeseed photos on my photo blog.

I confess that after feeling pretty great the first three months of the year and using that energy to work very hard, this spring and the change to summer time two weeks ago has me feeling a bit tired and in need of sleep. I’ve frequently headed straight to bed after work these past two weeks, just catching up on sleep. I guess the time change plus the weather playing rollercoaster recently just throws me a bit off balance.

I’m itching to start sewing and creating again and in my head the projects are just bouncing around, not quite ready to be put into action.



flower power

I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather for the past week, focusing only on working and eating and sleeping enough, but after having just slept for 10 hours straight the world is looking a whole lot better again 🙂
I’m so, so in love with this spring. Everything is green and blooming and beautiful, and yet the air is crisp and clean. I don’t wish for hot, stuffy summer. It could stay this way forever.