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kids shoot: miri

I did the final one of the kid’s photo sessions on Wednesday with a very cute 11-year-old at the barn and wow, she totally blew me away! In less than an hours we got so many great pictures that I seriously cannot narrow them down to the 5 or 6 I usually show in blog posts. Be prepared for a long post and many many pictures!
Look at those gorgeous blue eyes!

Don’t you just love taking photos when you can give lousy instructions like ‘ok, now smile’ (instructions are my weakest point out of many) and you get rewarded with this?

That’s what it must be like working with models (by the way, this is also a sneak peek of my new quilt with Anna Maria Horner’s wonderful Voile fabrics…more on that one when it stops raining and I can take pictures of it!):

The joy in photographing extremely photogenic people is that you can take 100 pictures and they look different in all of them. She hardly looks eleven here, does she?

We’d picked a great day for photos: slightly overcast with sunny breaks, nice afternoon light and a pretty strong wind replacing the professional fan I always carry around for people with long hair (not).

This may well be my favourite photo from the whole shoot:

Or wait, maybe it’s this one:

In case anyone was wondering, this is the ‘Vintage’ action from the free (!) Pioneer Woman Action Set.

All of my photos are edited using a mix of different free actions I picked up somewhere online, though I do have my very own super secret black-and-white action 😉

After we were done out on the meadow we went down to the barn to get some horse shots. This is the pony she’s leasing to ride twice a week starting in June and she’s already soo excited about it:

Seriously, how cute are they together?

I think I’m totally spoiled now for anyone else wishing to have their pictures taken.


toddler shoot

I am doing some kid’s sessions at the moment, kicking off Saturday with 3 toddlers under the age of three! Shooting this age group was a first for me and I definitely learned a lot doing it (I could probably make you a nice long list of things not to do when shooting toddlers now!).
Nevertheless, we got some nice shots, here are the best:
Check out Mona’s amazing hair colour!

curious Moritz

and happy Julius

Hi Mimi, you were the easiest and most patient model by far!

Too bad the theme wasn’t photographing quiet, beautiful dogs, what portraits we would have got!

But I digress, let’s get back to the kids 😉

and a last one, which probably captures the feel of the session best

Apart from this, my weekend was filled with sewing, soapmaking, horseriding and barbecuing, so I barely had time to even check my mails! Hope you enjoyed these, I am already getting excited for next weekend’s session with a bubbly 7-year-old and her sweet 10-year-old brother!

Lisa & Jonas, Nika & Sunny

Some pictures from yesterdays shoot with Lisa and Jonas and their beautiful dogs, 12-year-old Sunny and 9 weeks old Weimaraner puppy Nika!

How anyone could abandon such an adorable puppy at 8 weeks in front of a supermarket is beyond me, but Nika hit the jackpot when Lisa and Jonas decided to take her home with them!

I can’t help but love the black and whites more (as always) but I am trying to throw enough colour in here too 🙂

Hope you like these, enjoy!

lazy sunday morning

Sorry Melli, I never leave the house without my camera, not even for sunday morning breakfast at my mom’s 😉 Taking pictures is compulsory for me and you’ve got such pretty blue eyes…I couldn’t help myself!

Impromptu portrait sessions are the best! And in case anyone wants to know the data: indoor in front of window, ISO 1600, 50mm, f2.3.