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Happy and exhausted. The two predominant feelings after my first week at my new work. I have yet to learn the names of all 600+ employees, master the different software programs and really get going with what I am supposed to be doing there. But after the first week, I have a general idea of how it all works and it’s looking like taking that job was the best decision I could have made. My colleagues are very friendly and very competent and I will be learning tons in the next months and (hopefully) years.

We met up with friends in my hometown for the christmas market yesterday, so these are the first photos I’ve taken in a week. Christmas market is all about the food for us. We had potatoe fritters with apple sauce, bratwurst and crêpe with chocolate.

Mulled wine is also a must.

We’ve been having pretty dramatic (for our corner of the world) weather, with lots of snow and ice and dark days. The barn especially has been buried under half a meter of snow. It was a little eerie and beautiful and so, so quiet. I was there only when it was already dark this week and looking forward to taking photos of it today but alas, it started raining yesterday and it will be all gone today. No snow photos for me.