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craft fair visit

On Saturday the boyfriend and I went to visit the largest craft fair in our area. It is hosted every year with about 300 participants showing off old crafts and selling their products.

It is held in the vast park surrounding a castle with moat built in the 12th century, a beautiful setting for a craft fair. Inside the castle walls grew lots of wildflowers and wild strawberries and woodruff.

We loved having a look at the various crafts that were performed.

I especially liked the fiber arts and the soaps of course while the boyfriend liked the woodworking and the blacksmith’s displays.

I did end up buying some lovely stuff as well, but I’ll save that for an extra post.
We spent nearly the whole day at the fair, there was so much to see and also to eat, with booths for breads with cheese and freshly pressed orange juice.

And then I got sick and have been in bed with a fever ever since. Now isn’t that a nice end to the story?
I hardly ever get sick and when I do I tend to get very restless once the fever is down a bit. Add that this is also the week that both my colleagues at work are on holiday, travelling abroad which makes it the worst time ever to stay at home sick. Ok, I’ll stop here since I don’t want this nice post turning into a self-pity monologue, it’s just the reason why I am again way behind with posting (and everything else).
Just now my boyfriend was looking at me sitting there all irritated and said: “Wow, it’s really killing you not to be able to do anything, isn’t it”.
And it is, I like being able to do stuff and to get things done and I hope to get rid of this nasty cold soon and resume working and doing and of course posting about it!