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I’m 26 and scared of the dark. It’s silly and childish but I don’t like it when it’s dark. Which probably played a role in my becoming a photographer, who constantly looks for and works with light and sees light in many different ways. For me there is never ‘just’ light, it can have so many different colors and forms and feelings.
But back to the dark. We had a power outage the other night that lasted for about 40 minutes.
The kitties and I were home alone because my boyfriend was out with the guys.

The whole block was out of power. It’s funny to see how people react to power outages in the city. There is the stage of confusion, the searching for the fuse box, the going out on the street to see if others have the same problem, the talking excitedly with neighbours. Then, when it becomes obvious that the power will be gone a while, everyone settles down. Candles are lit.

You’re suddenly out of things to do and wander aimlessly about the rooms (or in my case, start listening to every sound in case an axe murderer is trying to break in).

I sat down on the couch and watched the candle and when the light went back on all of a sudden it was glaring and startling and harsh.
While I am very thankful for electricity, I do wonder what life was like when the day was defined by sun light or lack of it. Our evenings sure would be a lot different, a lot calmer and a lot less hectic, by candle light.
We have candles in every nook and corner, but I simply forget to light them. I resolved to remind myself more often.


bits and pieces

The hours are running away from me again this week.

I went treasure hunting (a.k.a. thrift store shopping) again yesterday and came home with the car full for about 15€ all in all! I’ll try to be faster in posting my pretty finds this time.

Murphy deciding he likes the soft flannel that came in the mail earlier in the week. I was really lucky to snag one of Jenny’s patterns a few weeks ago, it was sold out in minutes. So far I bought fabric for it and traced the pattern onto vellum paper and hopefully next weekend I will finally get to cutting and sewing and actually taking photos of it all.

Snapped at the barn on wednesday evening. Wednesdays are my hardest days of the week and I usually get to the barn tired, in the dark and the cold. But then, riding my funny little pony (not the one in the picture, that’s his stall mate) and sweeping the floors and filling water buckets I realize how much I need this quiet evening. It’s a special sort of downtime for me in the middle of my fast-paced week. I will always believe that people without animals to care for are missing out big time. It gives so much more than it takes.