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breaking it in

My brand new sewing area that is. So much space!

A couple of pillow covers and pillow cases are still waiting to be made at the weekend.

During the week there’s not a chance of getting anything done. I leave the house when it’s still dark and I come home when it has been dark again for quite some time. So I usually just fall asleep on the couch with the cats on my lap whenever I try to do any blogreading, photo editing, answering emails, (pick any of a thousand other things I need to get done).

But that’s the way it is in the winter months I guess.


christmas recap

I hope you all had a wonderful christmas! We certainly did.
We spent Christmas Eve at my mom’s, Christmas Day at my boyfriend’s parents and the 26th at the barn.

It’s still Winter Wonderland around here, at the barn especially.

We had a Santa Claus parade.

Despite all the difficulties that come with continous snowfalls around here (especially with a small car and a public transport system that all but collapse at the hint of snow), it is sort of magical, and quiet, and nice.

fleamarket finds part 2

I did a photo shoot in another city last weekend and while there my friend and I stopped by a charity store. It’s actually a store for people who can’t afford to buy furniture and clothing in normal stores but they always have some real gems there.
We had the greatest time browsing old books and furniture, cooking equipment and cameras. I fell in love with this vintage typewriter:

We played with it a while, enjoying the pling pling of the keys.

This is, by label, a table washing machine with a hand crank. I love how they labeled it “Energy class A+++”, that’s what I call true sales spirit:

Our apartment is already cluttered beyond hope, so I didn’t buy those lovely but useless vintage goodies. But then I found these beautiful vintage jars and I could not pass them up:

They’re local glass and must be quite old. I remember my mom having a whole basement full of jars like these when I was a kid. She used to preserve pears from the garden with cinnamon…yum!
For me they are too big to use for preserving foods, but they are perfect as candle holders for inside as well as for the balcony.

Especially with animals in the house it is important to be extra careful with fire. I never have an open candle in the room, not even a tealight, for fear of my cat’s tails catching fire. With these jars it’ll be safe for my cats (with tealights, not those big candles in the picture).
The lids will protect the jars and candles from being rained into (outside) and will prevent dust collecting in them (inside).

Now I only wish I had bought more than those 4 🙂