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birthday post

My birthday was on Saturday. Last year I wrote a pretty elaborate post on my birthday and the changes in that year.
This year I seem to have a case of writer’s block. It was hard for me to even start this post. The past year has been pretty much what I had hoped for…steadier, quieter and less exciting than the years before.
This time last year I was still working in a very crappy job and distinctly remember my birthday as being another of those days where I was yelled at and made feel inadequate at the office. Thankfully I changed jobs in December and while I still have a challenging job it’s now challenging in a good way and I actually look forward to going to work in the morning…something I didn’t imagine was possible a year ago.
I think the changes and the growth were still there this year, just less obvious as it didn’t involve major life events like graduating or starting a job.

In fact, I guess the challenge is that with all those outward decisions made and things quieting down a little, all you’re left with is…yourself. Someone you paid little attention to when things were going topsy turvy. I admire people who seem so completely sure of who they are. I never seem to be, never seem to know myself that well.
Turning 27 I feel like crossing some invisible border. A lot of people my age already have kids, a mortgage, a plan. Time to sit down and think about how I want my life to be in the next years because for the first time it feels like it’s all up to me.

I’m not sure that’s a good thing yet.