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pea green – colette moneta #2

I have a new obsession – knit dresses! Making my first Colette Moneta dress made me realize how comfortable and versatile a knit dress really is. And soo quickly done with a serger. Were it not for the elastic waist – don’t get me started on that.

I made this pea green version soon after my stripey grey one and finally got it photographed this weekend.

colette moneta dress. little home by hand blogThe fabric is a lovely jersey knit with a little less stretch than the striped fabric – thus the dress fits more snugly. It’s so hard to find a really nice green color and I just love this dress. A nice change from all the navy blue I usually wear.

Though I admit the grey tights weren’t the best choice – blue tights? Brown, black? Help me out here!

colette moneta dress. little home by hand blogNecklines are usually a spot of bother for me – they nearly always gape at front and back in any pattern. I use Rae’s method of taking off the excess fabric while tracing the pattern onto the fabric and it works like a dream. Just letting you know in case you ever run into the same problem.

I love that these dresses can be worn in virtually any season. I look forward to wearing them in winter with thick knit cardigans. A handmade dress with a handknit cardigan – pretty cool, huh!

If you’re itching to make your own – find the pattern here.

sewing a knit dress – colette moneta

Hm, so that definitely wasn’t the plan to be away from this space for weeks on end! I’ve started a post on why I stayed away from all my internet spaces but it’s quite personal and I’m not sure I’m ready to share it yet. So let’s just say for now I’m back and I’ve been spending some quality time with my sewing machine and serger!

I’ve wanted to try my hand at a nice knit dress for a while and the Colette Moneta Dress seemed a perfect candidate.

colette moneta dress. little home by hand blogI’ve had little success with earlier Colette patterns but whoa – the Moneta blew me away! I made size XS and the fit is nearly perfect. The striped jersey fabric was from my stash and I was happy to finally find the right pattern for it.

Sewing with knits is in many ways so simple – just serge together and done. IF the serger thread doesn’t break. Then there will be sweat and tears. I will also not talk about how I redid the elastic waist part four times because I was sure I could outsmart the description on how to do it (I couldn’t). Turns out ripping out overlock stitching is much less fun than ripping out straight stitch…

colette moneta dress. little home by hand blog Much as I have come to love sewing with knits there is always the minor issue of hemming. My treadle sewing machine does only straight stitch and I can’t use a twin needle with it either. Yes I tried and yes, it broke – there goes an expensive twin needle. Oh well. I suspect I could use it with a different stitch plate but chances on finding one for an 85 year old machine are pretty slim.

Contrary to what the books say you can actually sew a straight stitch on a knit fabric as long as it’s not a part that stretches continually when wearing the garment (then the thread will likely break). So, I hem knits by serging and then using straight stitch. I’m counting on the fact that very few people I meet know how to sew and nobody will notice that I’m doing it wrong.

colette moneta dress. little home by hand blogI think I’ve found the perfect dress for me in the Moneta pattern. I have since made another in a solid color (to be blogged soon) and have received so many compliments when I wear either of these dresses. They are just incredibly flattering for my body shape, showing off waist and curves and managing to make me feel both comfortable and elegant in them. I forsee many similar dresses in my wardrobe soon!

Sewing with knits, straight stitches and all – what are your thoughts?