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3 great ways to relax at home

How do you relax at home? Do you cook, watch a film, do something crafty?
cat on the couchI’m feeling a bit worn out lately, ready for a few days away to clear my mind and replenish those energy stores running low. Until my next vacation however I have to rely on my tried and true best ways to relax at home.

I’m an introvert in the sense that I need to spend at least a couple of hours a day quietly by myself. I have a job where I am around a lot of people all day which I absolutely love but it is also draining and by the time I get home I usually crave some alone time.

I want to share my top three favorite ways to relax at home with you.
knitting a cardigan
Make something
Sitting down comfortably (that involves at least two woolen blankets for me) and creating is a great way to let go of all those thoughts swirling around and making you dizzy and antsy. I have tried meditation without success but when I knit or sew I am in the moment and just concentrate on being present and enjoying the rhythm. I often find myself taking the first really deep breath of the day then, slowing down and letting go of pressures and responsibilities.
knitting a cardiganI have just started knitting my second cardigan (this one) and feel a real physical urge to sit down and knit all the time. I figure it’s a healthier addiction than coffee or cigarettes 😉

Read a book
Escaping to a different world from the safety of my couch (can you tell how much I love my couch and those woolen blankets?) is something I look forward to every day. I couldn’t not read. Sometimes it’s blogs, sometimes it’s a simple tale for a few days (love the ‘Daisy Dalrymple‘ series) and sometimes it’s sagas that stay with me for months (hello Game of Thrones). I need my stories.
urban vintage bookI just got the prettiest german book in the mail last week from Midsommarflicka. I won a giveaway on her blog and loved receiving this gorgeous ‘Urban Vintage‘ design guide. It’s like Pinterest in book form!
urban vintage book
Give the cats a cuddle

Granted this works best when you actually have a cat on hand but it also works with dogs, hamsters and any furry, warm creature in your home.
cat on the couch There is nothing to make you forget the outside world like a sleepy cat, snuggled up close to you and warming your legs, purring and snoring without a care in the world. Animals live in the moment completely. I know some people can’t relate to that but my home would not feel the same without these softfooted graceful beings.

So, how do you relax at home?