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knitting a wardrobe – the marsa alam cardigan

I finished my second knit cardigan, whoohoo! The more I knit, the more I love it. Yes, it takes longer than sewing but so far I am loving my knitted wardrobe better than my sewn clothing.

The pattern is the marsa alam cardigan by Isabell Kraemer and you can find my project page for this cardigan here on Ravelry. marsa alam cardigan. little home by hand blogThe yarn is Holst Coast in the crab apple colorway, bought directly from Holst in Denmark. This yarn is wonderful and the color such a nice, fresh green! Contrary to the pattern I knit it all in one color instead of doing stripes. Vintage mother of pearl buttons from my grandma’s stash give it a classic, elegant look.

marsa alam cardigan. little home by hand blogmarsa alam cardigan. little home by hand blogThe pattern itself is lovely, easy to follow and straightforward. Lots of hours of plain stockinette which I didn’t really mind. I love to watch youtube documentaries while knitting.

I made one mistake where I started a sleeve, twisting the stitches the wrong way as I picked them up from the stitches on hold. It shows in the right sleeve. Oh well.

Unfortunately, all while knitting I had an inkling it would turn out too small. I pushed the thought aside, thinking a good wash and block would take care of that. Ahem.

Washing did improve the sizing slightly but contrary to my first cardigan the yarn didn’t stretch as much as I had hoped.

I can absolutely still wear it. As long as I don’t try to close the buttons across the bust. marsa alam cardigan. little home by hand blogmarsa alam cardigan. little home by hand blogI might try washing and blocking again more vigorously to see if I can stretch it a bit more.

Still, I can’t help loving it, the color is so nice to wear and the fit is otherwise really lovely. It’s too warm to wear at the moment but I’m looking forward to having an in-between season cardigan come fall.

I think knitting cardigans is “it” for me right now, I am itching to start the next one, to expand my knitting skills and try cables and colorwork and much more. I love to watch the project take shape row after row, all the while looking forward to wearing it. It’s easy enough to enjoy while watching a movie or series and still gives you something useful to do with your hands while sitting on the couch.

Yes, knitting is definitely it.