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cooking class with dana: part 2

If you want to check out part 1 first have a look here.
On the menu this time was real winter food. It was the first time I bought brussels sprouts fresh instead of frozen. I love brussels sprouts, maybe I can grow some on my balcony next year…*plop* my plant shopping list just grew longer…happens a lot these days.
Dana brought fresh laurel leaves from her balcony for cooking and also left me two whole branches with leaves for drying and using here!

And we finally used up all of our homegrown zucchini that we had frozen! I don’t think I’ve ever shown these in summer have I? They were beautiful and grew pretty well but we won’t be having them again next year because, well, we hardly ever eat zucchini.

Though they were delicious in our cream of zucchini soup with dried tomatoes…yum!

For main course we had the brussels sprouts with bechamel sauce, chicken leg (not for me though) and a german specialty, that my translator says is bread dumplings in english.

For dessert we made lovely molten chocolate cakes (except that the center wasn’t molten but they were delicious all the same) with my homemade elderberry syrup which went really well with the chocolate.

Any recipe requests, let me know and I’ll translate the recipes we used 😉