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travel diary: marburg

I seem to be doing a lot of spontaneous travelling at the moment. No doubt this is about to change as we go apartment hunting and planning our new place and packing up our old. Not that we’ve come any further since my last post. We’re still weighing options and deciding where to start looking!
Last weekend we visited friends in the beautiful city of Marburg. The whole city centre consists of century old crooked half-timbered houses.

There’s also a castle that dates back to the 11th century and is just beautiful to walk around.

We strolled around, shopped a little, had a bite to eat and some nice cold cocktails to cool us down on the very hot day.

Our friends have two very sweet kitties as well.

I love little day trips like these. They really make you get out of the day to day routine and spend some quality time with friends you see way to little.
I guess that’s the big advantage of living in the centre of Europe. Within only 2 hours, or 3 or 4, you can be in a completely different environment, different country even.