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summer sale

I am having a summer sale in my Etsy Shop! Take 20% off with the code SUMMER13 until 18 August and shop lovely beach landscapes, scottish forest prints, street photography from Italy and many more 🙂 Check it out now.
summer sale. www.fotografiekoehler.etsy.com


shop opening

It’s finally open, my brand new print shop on Etsy!
Ever since I registered my photography business over a year ago I dreamed of being able to sell my travel photography as prints. I got quite busy last year and the shop idea took a back seat.
During the long winter months I was able work on it again and I have been very hard at work since christmas. Opening a shop is so much more time consuming than the shop front suggests, but I’m super proud to announce today that it’s open for business! I am still in the process of stocking it, but I didn’t want to wait another week or two with the announcement.
So hop over to my Etsy Print Shop to check out some stunning Travel and Landscape Photography, including some much loved prints I shared on this blog!
Also, to keep up with the shop and promo deals (and who knows, maybe even an opening discount…) sign up for my newsletter.
Print Shop Fotografie Kristina Koehler
If you’re on Etsy too, let’s connect! I’ve been on Etsy with another username but decided to start afresh for this shop, so unfortunately I lost all of my feedback and connections and I’d love to get in touch with other Etsy users and seller.

shop update

I finally managed to finish the much needed update of my Etsy shop. After a big clean-up it is looking much neater in there now.
There are three new sets of pictures, mostly from my trip to Amsterdam:

and this black and white Amsterdam print is also available:

I plan on taking better care of my shop and listing and renewing much more often, so we’ll see how that goes 🙂