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kid’s council 2010

Our annual charity event at the barn took place last saturday. We always have a big kid’s camp for 3 days and on the saturday host an 1880 country fair for the public, having a rodeo and horseriding show, lots of fun games and selling homemade wares. All the money is later donated to charity, so it is all for a good cause.

All the men at the barn put an incredible amount of work into preparing for the fair, building little stands for the games and selling wares all winter.

Every little detail is tended to and of course all is handmade and handbuilt and handpainted.

I didn’t take as many photos as I would normally have, because I was helping prepare the fair and then sell stuff the whole day.

Also I am not comfortable with sharing photos of people on the internet without them knowing, so I’m sticking to still lives here.

The light at the counter was perfect in the evening and I took lots of lovely close-up portraits. As these two gals are my friends I hope they won’t mind sharing theirs:

And two more camp shots. I didn’t get many, so I hope these convey the athmosphere of the whole place:

With a tent and a fire and food and maybe a horse, what else is there to want in life? Sounds pretty damn perfect to me 🙂