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healthy eating – snacks

Part 4 of my healthy eating resolution (read up on part 1 – research and part 2- breakfast and part 3 – lunch)

As a reminder, this was my resolution for changing the way I eat in 2014:

  • drastically reduce sugar intake and sweets
  • eat less empty carbohydrates (white flour products like bread rolls, pasta, etc.), switch to whole grain products where possible and find alternatives to wheat
  • eat a more plant based diet, fruit and vegetables first, everything else second
  • continue to buy local fresh produce
  • grow my own salads and vegetables again on my balcony with a better plan on what I want to grow and actually need
  • build up a collection of tried and trusted healthy recipes that we can return to again and again
  • use less dairy products


What did I change?
I don’t know about you but I can’t survive an afternoon without a snack, preferably a sweet one. Before starting to eat better that used to be chocolate, cookies, cake or sweet pastries. Needless to say, non of these fit the bill anymore.

The natural thing would be to make do with fruit and I do make sure to eat a banana or some pineapple as well. Since I usually don’t eat much in the evening after work, it’s important for me to have a decent and filling snack.
However, fruit doesn’t really satisfy my craving for sweets so I decided to try and turn a sweet snack into a healthy one by finding recipes for sweet snacks with healthy ingredients.

I’ve also made a resolution to allow myself one piece of chocolate or sweet a day without feeling guilty. I firmly believe in not being too hard on yourself. With that one piece I give myself a bit of leeway and I don’t think I could abstain from sugar completely, especially because there is always chocolate lying around in the office so I am constantly faced with the temptation.

oat cakes. little home by hand blog

How did it work?
Okayish. I think this part of the day is hardest for me. I’m usually getting tired by then and I feel like my ‘defenses’ are down and I’m vulnerable to just take those sweets when offered.

Still, I made some headway! I found a great recipe for healthy oatcakes. I try to make these once a week so I can take two or three to the office each day.
I’m also planning on trying more healthy snack recipes. I’ve made a new Pinterest ‘Snack Recipe’ board to collect inspiration (I also have a general ‘Recipes’ Pinterest board) and will try out those recipes one at a time this year.

With every usual recipe I now substitute the white wheat flour with whole wheat spelt flour. It actually tastes much nicer! I also try to replace white sugar with honey or maple syrup wherever possible. I’ve seen raw cane sugar in the supermarket which I’ve been meaning to try for cakes.

What’s planned?
Good question. Trying out more recipes to find healthy alternatives is definitely in the works as is replacing ingredients with healthy ones in some tried and true recipes.
In addition I want to substitute milk wherever possible due to my lactose intolerance. This recipe for homemade almond milk looks delicious!
Other than that, sticking to one piece of chocolate a day continues to be a challenge and I’ve failed on several occasions. Not easy that one but I’ll keep trying.