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summer scenes part 2

So what do you do when it’s too hot to even move, the air is stuffy and full of horse flies and nevertheless the pony needs to be entertained?
We opted for walking the ponies down to the creek to let them and us cool down a bit and play in the cold, fresh creek water.

After a few minutes hesitation the ponies decided this was definitely more fun than standing on the pasture in the heat, being pestered by flies.

Though eating, of course, is still more important and the foliage was just too tempting after the dry grass.

My boots came out a little worse for wear, but it was worth it.


summer scenes part 1

It is 1am and I would really really like to get some sleep…but we’re in the middle of another heat wave and even with all windows open the temperature in our apartment is still around 30°C (about 86°F).
During the day temperatures hit 40°C (104°F) easily and we’re running out of places to hide.
Staying inside the apartment was out of the question, so we met up with friends and tried a new open air swimming pool in a nearby town.

I am not usually fond of these because a) they tend to be ugly concrete buildings with lots of level dry grassland around them and no shade and b) since every other person within a 100 mile radius has nowhere else to go either they tend to be so packed you’re lucky to find a spot to sit.
We were lucky that this new swimming pool was very pretty and uses natural spring water without chlorine. It was built in a park with lots of very old, very big trees and we found a pretty spot with plenty of shade.

It was crowded of course but still a good way to pass the day.

We stayed all of the afternoon and then went to our friends’ house to barbecue and watch the game later.
I was very worried about our 2 cats who had to stay indoors in our small, hot apartment all day but thankfully they don’t seem to be as much affected by the heat as we are.
Still, can it just rain? Please?