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I think it goes without saying that we are all looking with sadness and worry and compassion over to Japan. Sometimes something like that seems so far away, so unrelated to our lives but I realized again this morning that blogging makes the world look not so big at all:
I am so relieved that Mai and her family are ok. I won a giveaway on Mai’s blog last year (post is here) and have followed her blog through the birth of her beautiful daughter.
Abby from Infusion Fibers, another Etsy seller whose work I admire, lives on the Oregon coast which might be affected by a nuclear catastrophe and she is researching protective measures.
I am otherwise still lost for words on this tragedy, but I think this picture captures it well: (source: chibird)


package from japan

I recently won a giveaway on Mai’s lovely blog! Mai does all her sewing by hand and I love all the unique little things she makes! She also sells them in her Etsy Shop if you want to have a look.
I’ve never won anything before so I was soo excited and then to get something from Japan! Her package arrived really quickly and have a look at how many wonderful things Mai sent me:

There’s lots of pretty fabric, sashiko thread, handstamped tags, beads, little origami figures, lace and a lovely japanese book with many ideas and patterns for plushies! My favourites are these two, aren’t they adorable?

With so many lovely goodies it’s hard to pick a favourite but I think I’m most in love with these gorgeous soft fabrics and the lace:

I think I will use that lace as a detail for some tops and a dress I have in mind. I still have to think of something special for the pretty fabric though.
To top that, look at how she packaged all of this, who wouldn’t love to find a package like that waiting in the mail:

Isn’t it deliciously exotic looking? She used a japanese road map for wrapping and check out these awesome japanese stamps (seriously, the package is like another gift!):

Thank you so much Mai for being so generous and giving away so many wonderful things! Receiving your package made my day!