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things are looking up

…oh, finally! (click here for the song, maybe it doesn’t fit perfectly, but it’s in my head a lot these days).
For various reasons I have been leaving a very substantial part of my everyday life out of this blog: my job. For one, this is a blog about photography and whatever else I feel like doing on the creative side of things and also, you just never know who might be reading this.

Some of you might remember this post a couple of months back, right after I finished my thesis. The 3-month internship I mentioned did in fact turn into a real job pretty quickly, but that was about the only thing right about that job. That, and my two lovely colleagues (hi girls!), who pretty much helped me through every day.
When you get your first real job after college you are excited, hopeful, motivated, eager and a bit anxious to get it right. You don’t set yourself up for failure. When things get off to a tough start, you think “I’ll just need to put in even more effort”, “It’ll start being fun once I get my first paycheck”, “It takes time to adapt to this different environment”, “It’ll start to feel right in no time”.

When it doesn’t, doubts start bubbling to the surface. “Is it me or is it really them?”, “Am I not doing this good enough or is it really just impossible to do it right?”.
I wanted this to work so badly. As arrogant as that sounds, but I am not used to failure. All my life, I’ve stayed true to the motto “where there’s a will there’s a way”. But no will would make me like to go to work to be yelled at every day, to be pressured to treat both clients and employees in a way I don’t feel comfortable with and to feel out of my depth with the things demanded of me.

I guess sometimes it takes an experience like that to realize who you are professionally and act accordingly. When it happens on your first real job, tough luck. I’ll admit the last few months were pretty hard on me and it was starting to affect me physically as well. After a lot of thinking and talking with about everyone who would listen and countless rejections for job applications, I decided to quit and put my energy into looking for a new job, even if it meant an unknown number of months unemployment.

But then my luck turned and the one serious job interview I had turned into an offer to start on 1 December! It will be a completely different environment, a completely different line of business and a new start in a very exciting workplace.
Thanks to everyone who read this to the end! Wish me better luck this time!



I’m starting a full time job tomorrow. Ok, so it’s more a 3-months internship but with the prospect of becoming a real job after that (honestly, how can it be so hard to find a good job with a very good diploma?? Gah, stupid economy).
I’m trying not to get my hopes up that it’ll be really great and fun, we’ll see how it goes 😉 It’ll still be great to actually work for a living for a change and maybe earn some real money eventually.
Point is, I might not be able to spend as much time here as I like, so don’t be surprised if things get a bit more quiet. I have a few posts lined up and there will be lots of fun things happening at the weekends at the barn and otherwise, I’ll just have to find the time to blog about them 😉
Ok, now I need to get back to my sewing, I am trying to get as much done as possible before tomorrow.
Wish me luck on my first day!

gotta enjoy the little things

This came to cinemas just recently here in Germany and I loved it. I am NOT a fan of horror/splatter/gore or anything like that but I do love films that make fun of themselves. Seeing this I laughed until I cried and had a great time.

On a lot more serious note… I just may have been offered a really great career opportunity but it would mean putting my life and everything I’ve built for myself in the last years on hold for two years and moving six hours away from my boyfriend, my cats and the best pony in the world. The alternative would be waiting and hoping against hope to get a job around here.
I have no idea how I’m gonna decide if I should really be offered the job :/