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summer rant and lavender studies

How’s your summer going everyone? Here it’s been way too hot for the past week and living in a top-floor apartment that means little sleep because it doesn’t cool down even at night and little computer time, because even turning on the computers seems to make it even hotter and stuffier in here.
Also, the air conditioning in my car is broken, so I get home exhausted after a 45mins drive home from work in the blazing heat.
And to continue this rant a little longer, the heat numbs and prevents me from doing stuff like sewing and crafting. Not being active is terrible to me and I feel down and irritated and I’m afraid I’m giving my poor boyfriend a pretty hard time.
I don’t like summer. There, I’ve said it. Heat doesn’t agree with me. Nevertheless, I wrote this post with the intention of showing you some pretty photos and being all positive about this season, so here’s some pics I took in my mom’s garden the other day:

Aren’t those lavender blossoms gorgeous? The bees sure think so!

Ok, so maybe summer isn’t half bad in the evenings…

How’s your summer going?


christmas goodies

This christmas everyone got handmade presents from me. Bathroom stuff for the most part, since I already had most of the supplies and was making soap and stuff anyways (and because some presents didn’t get finished in time because my sewing machine gave out).
Here’s the bag of goodies:
Lavender and Citrus Bath Bombs with lots of cocoa butter and almond oil (please let them work, I only made them the weekend before christmas and haven’t actually tried them myself…)

The lavender one was supposed to be purple but…well, before I found out the colour pigment actually dissolves in water only and not in oil it was a little too late. I was cleverer for the citrus one afterwards obviously (though I’m always anxious about adding water since I don’t use preservatives).

Yummy chocolate lipbalm

Citrus soap – I am actually soo in love with this one, i am forever taking it out just to sniff at it and always keep a piece in the shower. Made with organic green tea instead of my usual goatsmilk.

And finally some lavender soap. Did I mention my little problem with color pigments?? This one was supposed to be purple as well (surprise, surprise) but I took way to little pigment and it turned green…really, really green. The picture doesn’t do it justice. Oh, and when you wash with it the foam turns slightly purple…nice, eh? After the initial shock has worn off, I’m deciding it is the perfect halloween soap and have named it “lavender witch”.