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weekend mornings

I love getting up early in the dark, lighting a candle, making a cup of tea. Watching the light creep though our east facing living room windows, first blue, then rosy red, then bright warm yellow.

I settle down on the couch for a precious hour of blog reading before starting on some photo business tasks. The cats, having had their breakfast, joining me for a few more hours of sleep. Still early after all.



We’ve been having temperatures below -10°C for a week now and I’m a bit worried about the mints and strawberries and other plants on my balcony.
On the other hand, the weather has provided some stunning sunrises.

I get up early at the weekend as well (as in “way before sunrise”-early) to do some research and work (more on that very soon!) and I love to watch the sky and the room grow light and the colors changing.

My seeds have arrived this week and I can’t wait to get some started! I brought in some mint cuttings during christmas and surprisingly it’s thriving inside, having grown from bare root and two leaves to this:

Which means that I’ll have mint this year even if the outdoor plants don’t make it. This is a peppermint from the south of Italy, which a friend gave me and which smells heavenly in summer, so I would have hated to lose it.