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slowly, slowly

That’s our pace these days. I’m down with yet another cold and it looks like it’ll be another couch weekend.
On the up side, there’s still one weekend left before christmas to bake cookies and one set already got made and given away this year.

Two christmas markets got visited and all necessary christmas presents got shopped, online mostly.

So much to do still, technically, but I’m learning to let go of my to-do lists and be ok with the fact that there won’t be any sewing, baking, decorating, …, this weekend.

Time to dig out a bunch of old vinyl records (this and this being a favorite at the moment) and discover some new music online (check out this to-die-for performance of Andrea Bocelli and Hayley Westenra).


listening to

Deb Talan. Forgiven.
I recommend huddling up on the couch with a quilt for this, closing your eyes and soaking up the beauty that is the raw combination of guitar and the human voice.

Deb’s music, to me, is perfection.
Also recommended: Deb Talan. Comfort.

We’ve been having a quiet weekend here, but I’ll be back during the week hopefully with a knitting post.


Something different today. I love songs that tell stories. That draw you in and touch you. Though I like today’s music I always seem to be drawn to older, powerful songs with just guitar and a wonderful voice to capture you. I love putting on a record and sitting next to the record player, closing my eyes and just listening.
I’ll share with you the song that touched my today (I have a new favourite every couple of days):

For those who liked that, I strongly recommend checking out this song, and this song and also this song. And of course, I can really recommend purchasing the good old vinyls of these! Obviously I’m on a Joan Baez high right now, triggered by the fact she’s coming to my town in concert in a few weeks. I can’t afford the tickets but I’ll hopefully see her the next time she comes around.
Back tomorrow with new pictures!