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short trip

It seems we’re always on the move this year, driving and visiting. This last friday we went to a wedding (I was also the photographer). The venue was a beautiful castle with gorgeous rooms.

The bedroom we were staying in was a real step back in time with the wood furniture and the flowery wallpaper…exactly like I picture rooms in the 1930’s or 40’s (and it may have been untouched since then, as the castle has been the property of the local university since 1949).

I have to say the winding wooden staircase leading up to the upper floors freaked me out a little. It was so old that each step creaked loudly and the whole staircase was tilting heavily towards the middle.

We had a wonderful time, but between driving down, taking photos all day and driving back up we took all of saturday to recover (I did anyway) and we’re taking it easy for the rest of the weekend.
True to my words from last post, as soon as I sat down at my sewing machine last weekend I couldn’t stop and have been sewing up a storm in the evenings, resulting in a summer skirt, a blouse and a silk dress. No wonder I’m exhausted 🙂 I’ll try and get photos soon, but first, it’s back to editing the wedding!


the pretty pretty thing…a vintage locket

Ok, so I promised a post on the one other thing I bought at the flea market and here it is. It was the first thing I saw that day, in the very first row. I didn’t buy it right away, cause I thought it would be ridiculous to spend all my money on the very first pretty thing I laid eyes on. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it for the rest of the time and was just dying to get back to it the whole time! It’s a beautiful vintage silver locket:

It opens to reveal pictures or notes. I added a photo of my boyfriend on the right and a collage of my mom and dad and my two cats on the left (it’s a little hard to see).

I’m in love with it and wear it whenever I leave the house (which sadly is not too often, since I work from home most of the time).


Something different today. I love songs that tell stories. That draw you in and touch you. Though I like today’s music I always seem to be drawn to older, powerful songs with just guitar and a wonderful voice to capture you. I love putting on a record and sitting next to the record player, closing my eyes and just listening.
I’ll share with you the song that touched my today (I have a new favourite every couple of days):

For those who liked that, I strongly recommend checking out this song, and this song and also this song. And of course, I can really recommend purchasing the good old vinyls of these! Obviously I’m on a Joan Baez high right now, triggered by the fact she’s coming to my town in concert in a few weeks. I can’t afford the tickets but I’ll hopefully see her the next time she comes around.
Back tomorrow with new pictures!